Veolia’s Water Quality Policy

Policy Water Quality

Veolia Water Technologies is committed to providing safe, high quality water which consistently meets the requirements of our:

  • Clients and consumers; and
  • Operating Licences.

The provision of safe, quality drinking water and recycled water is achieved through the operation of specifically designed water treatment plants by skilled Veolia Water Technologies workers.

At Veolia Water Technologies we are committed to:

  • Protect public health and the environment in relation to drinking water and recycled water;
  • Comply with compliance obligations as well as adopt the best practice principles outlined in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling, and Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality management for New Zealand;
  • Use a risk management approach in which potential threats to water quality are managed;
  • Implement systems to monitor the quality and supply of water to achieve the required standards. We use accredited laboratories to assess water quality and provide timely information about the results to promote confidence in our water supply
  • Promote, communicate and educate our stakeholders and the wider community in relation to water schemes under our control and the responsible use of recycled water
  • Maintain incident response and emergency management systems to respond to water quality incidents
  • Continually improve our performance and the quality of water we produce through knowledge application, research and development of new technologies and engagement with our workers and regulatory authorities

Executive Management Team

June 2018

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