Case Study: Bendigo Mining Water Treatment Plant, VIC (7 ML/day)


The Bendigo Goldfield, located in Central Victoria, 130 km northwest of Melbourne, has the second largest historical production for an Australian goldfield (after Kalgoorlie’s Golden Mile), and produced 22 million ounces in over a century of mining.

For safety reasons, future underground mining activity required the removal of contaminated water from historical underground mine workings. Bendigo Mining wanted to expand their existing water treatment plant to treat contaminated mine water before discharge into a sensitive environment. A design for a very small footprint was required as space was limited, thus making Actiflo® clarification process very suitable.


The Bendigo Mining Water Treatment Plant uses Actiflo® Manganese Greensand Filters and reverse osmosis to  treat up to 7 ML/day of contaminated underground mine water. This process removes salts, dissolved iron, arsenic, heavy metals, manganese and other contaminants as well as odour.

The high quality water produced is piped to Epsom where it is then used by local water authority to irrigate town’s parks, gardens and sporting facilities. The treated water is also used by the nearby golf club to irrigate the course greens and tees which had suffered due to the ongoing drought.


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