The Wilton Recycled Water Treatment Plant

Wilton RWTP Brochure

Located 60 minutes south-west of Sydney CBD at the gateway of the Southern Highlands, the 450-hectare Bingara Gorge community will include an 18-hole golf course upon completion.

Together with the existing village of Wilton, Bingara Gorge will grow to create population commensurate of a small country town.

As this new residential development is located outside of the normal wastewater network serviced by Sydney Water, it was necessary to construct a privately owned and operated Recycled Water Treatment Plant to service the community’s needs.

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Australia, a leading design & build company of water and wastewater treatment plants, was engaged by Lend Lease to design, construct and operate the Recycled.

How does this work?

Veolia Biosep uses a biological tank and a membranes system, these membrane modules are directly immersed in the sites biological tank.



Questions & Answers

Why was there a need to build a private Recycled Water Treatment Plant (RWTP) ?

As the Bingara Gorge development is located outside of the normal...