The Darling Quarter Recycled Water Treatment Plant

DQ RWTP Brochure

As part of the 6-Star Green Star Office Design rating and sustainability initiatives, the Darling Quarter Recycled Water Plant (RWTP) located in the basement of the North building of 1 Harbour Street, Sydney, commenced the supply of recycled water in October 2011. This helps save up to 166,000 litres of drinking water every day.

The RWTP was designed, built and is now operated by Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, a world leading engineering company, specialising in water reuse and desalination.

The RWTP uses innovative technologies to treat sewage from a nearby Sydney Water sewer line to produce very high quality treated water, which will be used only for the following services at Darling Quarter:

About Us

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Darling Quarter RWTP

High quality recycled water suitable for toilet flushing, irrigation and cooling tower make-up water will be produced in the new Recycled Water Plant...