Government Policies

Darling Quarters Water Treatment Plant at Bingara Gorge including associated infrastructure used for storage, conveyance or reticulation of non-potable water is operated by Veolia (Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies (Australia) Pty. Ltd.) for Jones Lang LaSalle (NSW) Pty Limited (JLL) as per Network Operator and Retail Supplier’s Licenses granted under WICA Act (Water Industry Competition Act), 2006 as amended time to time.

A copy of WICA Act is available at

In relation to Retail Supply of Recycled Water, there are various Government Policy initiatives in place – with regards to financial hardship of customers being served the supply.

These are initiatives by

  1. Services Australia for customers of retail water and sewerage services, who face hardship in timely payment of their fees; and
  2. New South Wales Government via Water Payment Assistance Scheme (PAS)

Customers can get more information from this Department by calling 13 20 92 and visiting to assess their situation and if they meet the eligibility criteria detailed therein (in one of the categories as Disability Support Pensioner, Partner Allowance or Widow Allowance), they may have access to a government stipulated Utilities Allowance.

On New South Wales Government via Water Payment Assistance Scheme, Customers can call 13 20 92 to obtain further information if their situation is applicable under this Scheme.

In addition, EWON (Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW) have a link on Debt Collection – which Customers may find interest in. For more information, please visit

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