Case Study : Brampton Island Recycled Water Treatment Plant, QLD (100 KL/day)


Located in the world- renowned Whitsundays Island on the Great Barrier Reef, Brampton Island is a large and beautiful national park island. The Voyages Brampton Island resort offers a wide range of water and sport activities in a unique and fragile marine environment.

Brampton Island is isolated from the main land, and there are no rivers or streams on the island. Also, much of the groundwater is very saline. There are 3 dams located on the island; however, with rainfall in short supply, there was a strained demand on the water collected. Water is very scarce on the island and the use is restricted to the hotel guests and staff on site. Annual in-house water requirements for the resort are approximately 30 ML in the dry season and 25 ML in the wet season.

The Great Barrier Reef is a very sensitive marine environment, with stringent environmental requirements. The quality of the water discharged needed to be improved to meet with QLD EPA requirements. 


The project consisted on an upgrade of the existing biological treatment plant. The new process uses a Neosep® Membrane Bioreactor pack with ultrafiltration to produce a Class A quality treated water suitable for golf course irrigation and for discharge into sensitive environment.

Neosep® is an advanced Membrane Bioreactor technology compact process that produces high quality recycled water from industrial or municipal wastewater. The immersed membrane bioreactor combines activated sludge biological treatment with immersed membrane filtration.

Neosep® produces very high quality water with a significant reduction in carbon and nitrogen and a very high removal of bacteria, suitable for irrigation, industrial reuse or discharge into environmentally sensitive areas. It is very compact and easy to implement. The membranes offer a true physical barrier for extremely high removal efficiency of bacteria and suspended solids


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