What is an Ecodisk™ filter and how does it work?

Ecodisk™ Filter is a biological effluent treatment system, designed for small to medium-sized communities.

Bacteria develop naturally on rotating ‘biodisks’ to form a ‘biological turf’, used to treat wastewater through aerobic digestion.

The Ecodisk™ Filter process is followed by a mechanical filtration treatment, the Hydrotech™ Drumfilter.

This sustainable process has a low carbon footprint, with low energy consumption, no noise, visual or odour nuisance. It is a modular system, which can be easily upgraded.

Close to 1,000 Ecodisk™ installations have been built around the world over the past 15 years.

Turning Wastewater into Recycled Water

Prohibited Substances Rules

Important Information

The following substances should NOT be put down the sink, toilets or drain



How does this work?

Veolia Biosep uses a biological tank and a membranes system, these membrane modules are directly immersed in the sites biological tank.



Questions & Answers

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