What is an Ecodisk™ filter and how does it work?

Ecodisk™ Filter is a biological effluent treatment system, designed for small to medium-sized communities.

Bacteria develop naturally on rotating ‘biodisks’ to form a ‘biological turf’, used to treat wastewater through aerobic digestion.

The Ecodisk™ Filter process is followed by a mechanical filtration treatment, the Hydrotech™ Drumfilter.

This sustainable process has a low carbon footprint, with low energy consumption, no noise, visual or odour nuisance. It is a modular system, which can be easily upgraded.

Close to 1,000 Ecodisk™ installations have been built around the world over the past 15 years.

Turning Wastewater into Recycled Water

How does this work?

Veolia Biosep uses a biological tank and a membranes system, these membrane modules are directly immersed in the sites biological tank.



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